Our Founder and CEO

Meet Ebi Okiyefa (his full name Ekioebi Okiyefa-meaning "good sense"). Ebi, originally from Southern California, decided to shake things up for himself and his families' legacy by starting a sunglass brand.  A healthcare professional by trade in the contracting, sourcing, and supplier | vendor management field for 10+ years, Ebi took a leap of faith to transition his talent and knowledge to start his own brand. Originally, Ebi always had a love for a good pair of quality style sunglasses. He also saw a way to help be a change agent in the industry by providing a preventative tool to enhance people's vision through polarized lenses. The vision began the start of the coronavirus pandemic as an ecommerce business and took off from that point on! 

Still early in the stage of the brand; the company has sold thousands of units and has expanded to establishing partnerships with optometry/private practice businesses. 

Our Brand

Okiyefa Shades is an American-Nigerian brand of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses created in 2020.

A U.S. based eyewear company located in Southern California. Our company seeks to surprise you with affordable pricing and delight you with top quality, design and customer service. The brand is known for its multiple styles of Hardwood Classic, Special Edition Collection and many more luxury sunglasses. 6 months after going live, the company branched into the eyewear space offering preventative care to protect one's' eyes with blue light blockers. 


The high standards we adopt in our product design process are just as important during production. We partner with top of the line class manufacturers using unique craftsmanship and cutting edge technology to deliver a product which is quality assured and derives from culture. All our shades (sunglasses) block 100% of harmful UV rays and unless otherwise stated are all TAC Polarized which blocks glares and reflections.

Another addition to our catalog is our Blue Block eyewear. The coating to our lenses helps filter blue ray lighting from digital devices that give off high energy visible (HEV) light. This feature helps when one has issues falling asleep or excessive eye strain (especially after long period behind screen time), blue light glasses can be worth your time to look into.


Our prices are affordable to where we don't seek the need to break your pockets! Buying a pair of affordable shades should not mirror the same price as your car note! We are not comfortable in ripping people off so we take great pride in selling stylish, unique and fresh shades at a fair price.