"Children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to example!"

Black Friday 2020 Season was an amazing journey for the Okiyefa Shades team. My daughter and I represented ourselves as the forefront for Okiyefa Shades at the "UJAMAA VILLAGE MARKET BLACK FRIDAY event in Rancho Cucamonga (based in Southern California).

The event was a success! We crushed our goal by selling over 72+ units of shades (physically and online). The highlight of the day was my 10 year old daughter and I had the opportunity to work together, spend quality father/daughter time and most importantly; I led by example by showing her how to run a successful business for the day.

My daughter was able to multitask and learn a lot in a short amount of time. She was able to recruit customers, provide exceptional customer service, work the cash box, provide receipts to customers upon purchase, and many more attributes related to running a successful business! She nailed it and we had fun!!

I am fortunate to have a business readily established and able to be passed down to my children. To have my daughter alongside me and "naturally" GRIND like her daddy truly brought tears to my eyes! I am blessed and filled with tremendous gratitude. 

There will be many more encounterments to come! The marathon continues!!!


Thank you!


Ebi Okiyefa


P.S. Here are more pictures to share below:



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