"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments" -Jim Rohn

We did it!!!! What a time to be alive!

Saturday, September 19th; we managed to accomplish our first photoshoot of 2020. Okiyefa Shades planned, coordinated and executed a superb photoshoot in the city of Chino Hills, CA. The weather was perfect and it definitely did a great job capturing the uniqueness & beauty of our shades.  

Model in picture: Frank Abney Jr.

Thanks to a fascinating group of professional models; our photos turned out amazing with great capture of flicks by our photographer; Mr. Kevin Johnson (social media-instagram: @mrkjphotography). Our photos play a pivotal part in our business. This first of many shoots we'll have in the near future will open doors to our story as an organization and what we truly represent.

Moving forward, we will be having photoshoots on a regular basis. Of course scheduled in advance; but after completing this shoot I realized this being NEXT LEVEL status. It can be done if you put your mind to it, work with like-minded people WILLING to work as a team to create magic!! 

Models in picture: (Left-Erick Jones; Bottom/Left-Elizabeth Jones aka Libby; Top/Middle-Brandon Stansell; Middle/Right-Violet Ramirez; Right-Frank Abney Jr.) 

For those interested or know someone who would be willing to participate in an Okiyefa Shade photoshoot, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via okiyefashades@gmail.com. We are already planning for our next shoot and would not want you to miss out on this historical opportunity!


Thank you for the continuous love and support.


Love and Peace


-Ebi Okiyefa


We leave you with more photos to enjoy below.

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Sequioa-Hardwood Collection

Ultra Black-HER Collection

The Fellas!!! 

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