What Is Blue Light?
Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum. It has a short wavelength, meaning it is a higher-energy wavelength. Blue light occurs naturally in sunlight and is an important part of the sleep-wake cycle. Digital devices with screens and LED and CFL lighting implements also produce high levels of blue light. 
The visible spectrum includes waves between 380-780 nm. Below this range is ultraviolet (UV) light, and below this range is infrared (IR) light. Blue light falls in the range of 400-465 nm, with the most harmful rays being between 415-455 nm
The COVID-19 pandemic has been good for the blue light glasses industry.
As people in lockdown spend more time staring at laptops and other digital screens, they’re ordering more blue light glasses to help prevent unwanted blue ray lighting.
Blue light eyewear helps eliminate eye strain, headaches, and prevent one's eyes from severe eye diseases. We provide informative information relative to blue light eyewear because not all individuals are aware of the benefits these specs have to offer.
Tips For Reducing The Effects Blue Light:
1. Reduce the blue light on your digital devices. Most devices with blue light screens can be adjusted to shift the color of the screen to reduce blue light. 
2. Avoid using electronic devices with bright screens for at least an hour before bed.
3. Use blue light blocking glasses.
Hopefully, the informative information given provides a sense of relief for those who read this BLOG and took the next steps needed to help!
Enjoy the process and save your eyes!

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